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What is Sports Massage?

SPORTS MASSAGE is the care and rehabilitation of the body's muscles, ligaments and tendons (soft tissues). It is a highly developed deep tissue treatment using slow movements with deep pressure to reduce the tension at concentrated areas within the deeper layers of the soft tissues.

Sports Massages are specifically tailored to each individuals needs; the treatments I offer can enhance your sporting performance as well as reduce discomfort, injury and recovery-times after activity.

Sports participation is not a prerequisite for benefiting from sports massage; regardless of activity level, day to-day aches and pains, commonly caused by poor posture or work related impediments can also be treated successfully.

Nonetheless, competitive athletes and active individuals looking to keep their muscles in peak condition can benefit enormously as a sports massage can help to prepare them for competition and recover quickly after an activity, event or injury; plus helping to fine tune them for their performance.

So whether an athlete or a spectator, sports massage can work for you.

The Benefits

SPORTS MASSAGE helps promote health by stimulating and aiding the body's processes with the following benefits:

  • Relief of stress and tension
  • Enhance posture
  • Re-energise tired bodies
  • Improve range of movement
  • Provide injury rehabilitation
  • Prepare the body for competition
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Assistance in the removal of metabolic waste such as lactic acid
  • Aid in quick recovery after an event or activity
  • Assistance in mental preparation prior to sports participation
  • Increase muscle tone or muscle length
  • Assistance with the remodelling of scar tissue


We specialise in using a wide range of Soft Tissue techniques, ensuring that the body's soft tissue is in optimal condition for your goals. Treatments are targeted towards the route of the problem, releasing any tension,or scar tissue at concentrated areas.

Muscles can easily become tight when the waste product that assembles as a result of exercise builds up and restricts function within the fibres.

If a muscle becomes stressed or injured muscle performance is likely to be inhibited. Hindered circulation; triggered pain and a limited range of movement can be experienced. If circulation is hampered the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle is reduced, leading to a build up of toxins in the muscle. Our treatments aim to loosen the adhesions, improve circulation, flush out toxins and allow for fresh oxygen and nutrients into the muscle cells once circulation is free flowing.

Rehabilitative Massage
Stress Relief
Pre-Event Massage
Post-Event Massage
Event Massage

Reducing injury recovery periods as well as preventing the risk of injury.

Even with preventative measures, at some stage, we can sustain an injury and a swift return to fitness is priority; this massage is aimed to reduce and eliminate pain and dysfunction by optimising the healing process which naturally reduces your recovery time. It strives to break down scar tissue, improve tissue repair and aid the body's own natural process of replacing bad toxins with healthy oxygen enriched blood cells, and lower the chance of injury reoccurrence.

For anyone with general aches, pains, tension & stress.

This massage provides intensive stress relief and helps to relieve further build up of tension. It aims to enhance your posture and encourage relaxation.

Preparing your muscles for optimum performance.

This massage prepares the muscles for optimum performance; it is a fast, light massage aiming to stimulate neuropathways and increase blood-flow, promoting oxygen absorption within the relevant muscle groups and enhance joint mobility. This combination assists to reduce the risk of injury and can also help focus the mind to perform.

Increasing your muscular rate of recovery.

The aim of this massage is to increase your rate of recovery by assisting the body's natural process of removing metabolic waste, such as lactic acid. This waste is a result of muscular activity and injury; with the use of various massage techniques the body can be flushed of the waste, thereby allowing for faster recovery periods.

Lactic acid is one of the by products that contributes to the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), fatigue, pain and stiffness.

Un-doing tension and knots that have built up over time may take a few sessions to release. If any additional information is required then at the end of your treatment, you will be offered advice on how to manage your problem or injury to ensure a quick and responsive recovery.

SL Sports Massage can support your sporting event by offering onsite treatments for athletes post and pre event.
Please telephone 07788 718179 for further details

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Kind Words

SL Sports Massage client - Steven Hipkiss

"Having Sam work on my back has made it feel a millions dollars, and I would totally recommend her to friends and family every time!"

Steven Hipkiss

SL Sports Massage client - Slawek Kochan

"I've been seeing Sam for over three years now, after my first serious injury it has took her only one week to fix me and I was able to compete only one week after my injury! I have never stopped using her since than. She is very professional at what she does, enjoys her work and she's always happy when she can help. With her help I can lift heavier and compete at my best as I always know that she will help with all my injuries. If you want to be the best! You have to use the best! that's why I choose SL Sports Massage."

Slawek Kochan

SL Sports Massage client - John Moreland

"2011 was a difficult season for me and my performances were far from my best due to a problem with my right leg. This year has been a totally different picture and thanks to weekly treatment from Sam and a daily stretching routine which she devised for me I have been able to train and compete at my best level since 2009. In the British Masters Championships at Derby in July I threw a season's best in the discus and won the gold medal with my best throw since 2009. In the same Championships I threw a personal best in the shot to take bronze, a season's best in the heavy hammer to take another bronze and another season's best in the hammer to take fourth place."

John Moreland

SL Sports Massage client - Wendy McCready

"I believe in having regular deep tissue massages to benefit my training, muscle recovery and growth. It helps break down the fascia surrounding the muscle tissue which often becomes tight and restricts movement. It also assists in removing adhesions which again can harm potential for muscle growth and flexibility. In addition I like the fact deep tissue helps increase the blood flow to the muscle and aids in removing toxins and waste products. I wish I had found Sam years ago and made this a regular part of my routine as im sure if i had then i wouldnt be carrying as many injuries as i do now. Sam is an important part of my team now and her skills are valuable to my progress and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve in their chosen sport."

IFBB Pro Wendy McCready

SL Sports Massage client - Ian Wilson

"Having had treatment from many different professionals around the country, I have found that it's not as common as you would think to find one with a genuine passion and talent for what they do. This is what I have found with Sam. Not only is she already exceptional at treatment but her thirst to further her skills and understanding is second to none. Since starting to see Sam regularly I have seen a massive increase in my mobility and been able to train relatively pain free for the first time in years. After struggling with injuries for so long, I just wish I had found her sooner"

Ian Wilson

SL Sports Massage client - Iain Pay

"Being a keen triathlete, who has competed at the Half Ironman World Champs, I have seen a number of physios and sports masseurs up and down the country. In the very first session with Sam, she found the centre of the areas of tightness and worked them at an intensity that I have rarely found elsewhere. After only a couple of sessions, Sam had enabled great improvements in niggles that had been around for weeks before. Now I shall be using Sam to for regular sports massage to aid recovery and injury prevention."

Iain Pay

SL Sports Massage client - Lanchana Green

"Samantha Leighton was a massive help leading up to my last Thai boxing bout. I was training mulitple sessions a day up to 6 days a week causing my body to ache and muscles to tighten up. Each session with Sam was brilliant, she worked on specific areas loosening up bumps and lumps especially in my legs and upper back. Although at times it was painful, she certainly did the job and come fight night she was part of my training team that got me into peak condition and I will continue to receive treatments off Samantha for as long as I continue to train! Highly recommended, friendly, welcoming and 100% knows her stuff!!"

Lanchana Green

SL Sports Massage client - Johnny Marsh

"I want to say a big thank you to Samantha for playing such an important role in my ongoing strive to be a top amateur bodybuilder & eventually turn pro level. In bodybuilding & weight training it's essential to have a sports massage at least twice a month & Samantha has done an amazing job on me personally. My body has gone from strength to strength thanks to you and now I'm focusing on my next competition I will continue to have regular massages. Keep up the great work!"

Johnny Marsh

SL Sports Massage client - Heather Mochrie

"As I was the fastest lady to complete Swaledale marathon June 2011 I was in serious need of a massage. After calling sam I was booked in the next day after working hours to fit in with the usual day to day chores (a massive plus point for me). The massage itself was brilliant and sam was so thorough and professional! I will definately be booking in again! Thanks Sam!! ."

Heather Mochrie

SL Sports Massage client - Daniel Fleary

"I have been involved in sports for many years, previously playing football and cricket at high levels. I am now a professional boxer and having suffered from back and shoulder problems for many years, I've tried all sorts of exercises/treatments in an effort to relieve the pain and increase my flexibility. I am a great believer in trying to help yourself where possible, but nothing seemed to work and I remained in more or less constant discomfort despite my best efforts."

"I became very despondent, especially when my old Consultant told me that the exercises I had been doing for years were not the right ones, and that I should be concentrating on core dynamic stabilising exercises instead, which at the time I had never heard of. The Consultant then recommended that I look for a Sports Massage Practitioner who specialised in sports injuries, and so I found my way to Sam's capable hands."

"I cannot speak highly enough of the professional care I have received, and due to a combination of the right exercises (carefully and patiently explained!), mobilisation and manipulation as required, my back and shoulders are much better these days. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Sam to others, and indeed have done so many times over the past few months. Other boxers and Thai boxers from my gym now use Sam's services on a regular basis and also speak very highly of her."

Daniel Fleary

SL Sports Massage client - Tom Shearn

"As a result of a number of niggling injuries I had no option but to leave my preparation for the Survival of the Fittest until the last moment. Once I commenced training my calves were giving me considerable pain both during and after exercise despite standard stretching so I sought the help of Sam. Her massages were excellent at alleviating the pain as was the self-help advice for specific stretches for the area of the calf affected and I successfully completed the event within my target time. Having utilised a number of physiotherapists and sports masseurs previously I think that the service offered by Sam is second to none and I will certainly be using her in the future."

Tom Shearn

SL Sports Massage client - Mark Baldwin

"I have been to see Samantha for massages before and after I play rugby. I have found that before a game it helps relax my muscles which I personally think increases my performance because my body and mind feel prepared. After a game, Samantha identifies the areas that need work which helps to keep me on top of my injuries. I would recommend Samantha for massages even if it is not a sporting injury."

Mark Baldwin

SL Sports Massage client - Emma Warring

"During training for the London Marathon, I felt I needed to take care of my body more than I would usually so I incorporated sports massage in to my training programme. I have had several sports massage in the past and haven't been 100% satisfied with the results until I met Sam. Sam was recommended to me by a colleague who plays tennis at Blackwell. I have had many sports massage with Sam and I would highly recommend her to anyone who plays sport or leisure trains. She is a lovely person and great at what she does. I can't wait for my next massage!"

Emma Warring

SL Sports Massage client - Gino Pereria

"I first went to see Sam with shoulder and back trouble. She highlighted potential problem areas for me to work on in my training and through her treatments my shoulders feel a lot freer with a greater range of movement, which has helped with my sport. I regularly see Sam now for maintenance massages, I use them as part of my training."

Gino Pereria

About Samantha

Samantha Leighton, Fit2Kinect Darlington, Middlesbrough, Durham, Barnard Castle, Richmond

Hi, my name is Samantha Leighton. I am a qualified and accredited Soft Tissue Therapist and founder of the Fit2Kinect private practice.

I have over 17 years experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, working in many locations in London and the North East, including providing corporate fitness advice to the BBC.

Whilst training for an ultra marathon a severe hamstring injury literally stopped me in my tracks; during my recovering, one of the most beneficial treatments I received was sports massage. This led me to change my career direction in 2007 and re-train in this field. The skills that I have gained in my current line of work have combined very well with the knowledge from my time as a fitness instructor & personal trainer. This gives me the ability to see cases from both sides of the professional fence, providing me with a well rounded background to bring to my practice.

Sports massage is not just confined to the treatment room, I also find myself working at rugby clubs, marathons, triathlons and various other events alongside my private practice.

I have worked with athletes from a whole host of sporting backgrounds and varying abilities who commonly have injuries from over training or inefficient recovery, as well as a range of other factors.

I work to the code of conduct of my industry bodies. This ensures integrity, client confidentiality, client wellbeing and commitment to continued professional development.

Samantha Leighton, SL Sports Massage Darlington, Member of the Sports Massage Association, Federation of Hollistic Therapists and The Sports Therapy Association.

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